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Activate Your Wealth Show

Jul 26, 2021

Have you ever felt like the results of all the efforts you put into your business are not satisfying? Or you find yourself having a hard time appreciating what is happening in your wealth.

In this episode, Corrina shares her thoughts on disappointment and how being in the space of gratitude can make a difference. She will share the steps you need to take to step into the portal of abundance, how to shift into gratitude, and how gratitude can create a significant change in your wealth. Corrina will also share her personal experience in disappointments. Make sure you listen to the end of Corrina’s assignment or challenge for you. 


“The main thing is to shift into gratitude because when I do that, the influence and the impact I have is more profound.”


Listen to the Episode:

  • Corrina shares her inspiration and intentions for this episode.

  • What is a portal of abundance?

  • The steps you need to take to step into the portal of abundance.

  • The key step when leaping into the portal of wealth.

  • How shifting into gratitude can make a difference in shifting your wealth.

  • How do you start being in a place of gratitude?

  • Corrina shares how she gets into the frequency of gratitude.

  • Corrina shares her personal experience in disappointment and shifting to gratitude.

  • Corrina’s challenge for you when you feel disappointed.


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